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At School - Better Body Bootcamps Comes to YOU!!!

How does it work?

One-Time Only Team-Builders for Students

  • Devote one class-time block (or more) to student fun, fitness and camaraderie! 
    (This may be as part of a regular phys. ed. class or as part of a school-wide activity day!)
  • Provide a suitable work-out space designed for the student group size!
  • Decide on the intensity level appropriate for your students (beginner, intermediate, or advanced fitness levels offered)!
  • Define any specifics that are important to the students/teacher (partner drills, group drills, individual drills, abdominals, all of the above, etc.)!
  • Contact Better Body Bootcamps and let us do the rest!

Classes Offered


  • "For anyone looking for a bootcamp instructor who is fun, creative and challenges you to be your best, then you have found her! I have enjoyed Jane's bootcamps immensely and cre..."
  • "Training with Jane Gannon: I've been working with Jane for a few months now and I would recommend her as a trainer to anyone. Jane is consistently attentive by always focusing..."

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Supporting the Community

  • Proud supporter of the 100 Years GALA for women policing with EPS
  • Presented Bootcamp Fun for the Spray Park (Spring and Fall, 2012)
  • Slave Lake Fire BOOTCAMP Fundraiser - a ONE-NIGHT ONLY BOOTCAMP, where ALL PROCEEDS were donated in support of the people of Slave Lake!!!
  • Proudly donating 10% of ALL outdoor bootcamp session fees in support of the Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation!!!
  • Supporter of Les Petits Soleils Preschool
  • Supporter of Terwillegar Schools Need a Playground (TSNAP)