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Jane - Owner/Instructor

Before I had kids, I wasn’t fit.  I had participated in all kinds of sports my whole life, but not wholeheartedly.  I had never found that one activity that I would consistently wake up early for, go to bed late for, or choose over a multitude of other fun options.


After my first daughter was born, my husband and I went shopping for a ‘jogging’ stroller.  My husband picked up the running wheel and told me he thought we should buy it instead of the stroller wheels.  I laughed and said ‘I don’t run, I don’t like to run, and I’ll never get into running’.  We compromised and bought both.


I started attending strollercise a few weeks later and became a regular, 3 days/week.  A year later, I ran my first 10 km race. A little less than a year after that, I ran my first half marathon.  I was completely hooked, and have been running and racing ever since!!! 


My initial goal was to lose the baby weight, and I did.  However, a funny thing happened.  By the time my daughter was a year old, and I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight, none of my clothing fit.  I weighed exactly the same as I had before, but I was 3 clothing sizes SMALLER!!!


Why am I telling you all of this??? 


Because I believe that ANYONE can get a better body and I don’t mean just in appearance!  I have never felt healthier or more energetic than I do now and I would really like to share my love of fitness with you!


Before kids, I taught high school math!  Teaching is one of my passions and I am thrilled to be able to now offer classes that combine my love of teaching with my love of fitness!


You don’t have to have had kids or to have lost the pregnancy weight if you do have kids, or even be female!  Come out just as you are and see what you are capable of!!!  One of the most common statements I hear from participants is that the class was SO HARD and they can’t believe that they were able to be so SUCCESSFUL!!!  The feeling of accomplishment at the end of the class is inspiring and the little bit of muscle tightness the next day or two is a good reminder that the work put in is generating results!!!


Live, look, & feel better with Better Body Bootcamps!!!

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Supporting the Community

  • Proud supporter of the 100 Years GALA for women policing with EPS
  • Presented Bootcamp Fun for the Spray Park (Spring and Fall, 2012)
  • Slave Lake Fire BOOTCAMP Fundraiser - a ONE-NIGHT ONLY BOOTCAMP, where ALL PROCEEDS were donated in support of the people of Slave Lake!!!
  • Proudly donating 10% of ALL outdoor bootcamp session fees in support of the Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation!!!
  • Supporter of Les Petits Soleils Preschool
  • Supporter of Terwillegar Schools Need a Playground (TSNAP)